Conduct during board meetings and other formal TLF interactions:

1. Individuals’ criticisms or disapproval must be accompanied by solutions;

2. People are expected to listen carefully to and not interrupt others;

3. There is an inverse obligation on speakers to remain objective and succinct; 

4. Concerns and disagreements are to be voiced during and not outside board meetings;

5. People are not to make others feel ostracised by a perceived lack of contribution as we understand the intense time poorness of our high–achieving members;

6. There is an inverse obligation on individuals to endeavour to make contributions and get involved where they can;

7. People must keep in mind that we are a not-for-profit organisation working for a higher ideal than ourselves and we should behave accordingly;

8. Just because some members are naturally more vocal than others does not mean they are mot important than others;

9. We must engender a culture of humility and mutual respect among our members.  

10. If you have a question that falls within someone’s portfolio approach either them or the Director.